Fall Guys Season 3 could be right around the corner

Ruben Fields
November 28, 2020

Operation Jig Sawus revolved around 300 volunteers who- if chosen- would each receive a DM with one single piece of a 300 part jigsaw. Mediatonic has yet to confirm the exact date, though the update will roll out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC during that week.

After 12 hours, the dedicated fans finally finished the puzzle, which provided them with a first look at the upcoming third season of Fall Guys. Fall Guys is now in the midst of a medieval-themed Season 2, with dragon and wizard skins to go along with the castle aesthetic of the new maps. Soon, Fall Guys took to twitter to make the official announcement.

The next season will contain plenty of wintery fun to get you through the cold and dark months ahead, if what we're seeing in these partially completed puzzles is anything to go by. However, there was a little bit of criticism due to the fact that there weren't as many new levels as players would have liked or expected. As a matter of fact, the second season of Fall Guys, with its Medieval theme, changed the way the game could be played. Within days of Season 2's release, Mediatonic and Devolver Digital partnered with Sega to introduce a Sonic costume for the multiplayer title. There also appears to be a penguin, but we'll see how the day progresses.

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Fall Guys Season 3 has been revealed, with Winter Knockout having been announced by Mediatonic.

So far, Fall Guys has partnered with numerous other franchises to release costumes for the bean characters.

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