Was 'TRUMP' Carved into a Florida Manatee's Back?

Katie Ramirez
January 12, 2021

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is investigating the harassment of a manatee in Citrus County, Florida.

The animal was found swimming in Homosassa Springs - about 80 miles north of Tampa.

The defacement of the manatee with "Trump" is anything but accidental.

The Chronicle published a video showing an underwater view of the slow-moving mammal, with the word "Trump" etched in big letters into its back.

Senior federal wildlife officer Craig Cavanna-who is leading the investigation for FWS-told the Citrus County Chronicle that the agency was "following leads", but could not comment on the ongoing investigation.

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Anyone with information regarding the "Trump" scraping of this animal can call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hotline at 888-404-3922 with information.

Under the Endangered Species Act, harassing a manatee constitutes a federal offense, punishable by a $50,000 fine and up to one year in prison.

"It's heartbreaking that this manatee was subjected to this vile, criminal act", the Center's Florida director Jaclyn Lopez said in a statement on Monday.

Manatees in the Sunshine State belong to the West Indian species, scientific name Trichechus manatus latirostris. "It's clear that whoever harmed this defenseless, gentle giant is capable of doing grave violence and needs to be apprehended immediately".

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