Lana Del Rey’s new album irks many for 'incorrect inclusivity'

Brenda Watkins
January 13, 2021

Del Rey remarked that the "madness" of the outgoing president "needed to happen", theorising that the greater affliction facing the nation had more to do with "narcissism".

While the tracklist features previously released single "Let Me Love You Like A Woman" and the title track, which drops on January 11th, the cover depicts Del Rey and a group of friends sitting around a gingham-dressed table.

Many criticised Del Ray's words as racially insensitive and tone-deaf, and noted that her comments didn't match the feminist platitudes she was making while promoting the album. She's also revealed the album's release date; it's out March 19.

"She also stated that "[Trump] doesn't know that he's inciting a riot", commenting on the pro-Trump Capitol Hill riots that occurred last week.

The black-and-white photo showed an array of women - her "best friends", she said, adding that "yes there are people of color" on the photo, "and that's all I'll say about that but thank you".

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The singer also penned an Instagram comment in which she defended Chemtrails' cover art against any and all future criticisms that could be leveled at it.

The social media backlash has been intense enough for the singer to issue a defiant statement via Instagram. "As it happens when it comes to my incredible friends and this cover, yes, there are people of color on this record's picture and that's all I'll say about that".

My lovely friend Valerie, from Del Rio, Mexico; my dear friend Alex and my attractive friend Dakota Rain, as well as my dear Tatiana.

Unfortunately, many took issue with Lana substituting POC with her "rapper" friends and boyfriends, and found that comparison to be racist in itself. "We are all a lovely mix of everything - some more than others, which is visible and celebrated in everything I do". I'm literally changing the world by putting my life, my thoughts, and my love on the table 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In an Instagram comment, Lana Del Rey addressed the inclusion of people of colour on the album cover, seemingly in relation to being accused of racism previous year.

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