Samsung’s CES 2021 Highlights Aim at ‘A Better Normal’ for Consumers

Ruben Fields
January 16, 2021

Samsung is also working towards developing other tangible applications of AI technologies for daily life.

Also, it will avoid poop - judging by this carefully worded line in Samsung's press release: "If anything is classified as risky or likely to cause secondary contamination, it will simply avoid the object".

Standing at par with the ongoing technological trend, one of the leading electronics brand- Samsung Electronics has recently unveiled its latest innovation in upgraded robots, and AI-based solutions at online conference of CES 2021, under the theme "Better Normal for All".

Samsung Health Smart Trainer on Samsung 2021 TVs: Samsung Health seamlessly transforms the home into a personal gym, and the new Smart Trainer feature tracks and analyzes posture in real time, just like a personal trainer. It's also supposed to be able to handle objects of varying sizes, weights, and shapes.

The products were announced on January 11 as part of Sansung's CES 2021 press conference. Though, given their size, they'll be for larger homes only. It has an integrated camera that can be connected to a home network system to monitor the house while it's empty.

The Bot Handy really rolls its metaphorical sleeves up and gets stuck in with household tasks; it can cook a meal, set a table, stack a dishwasher, or even pour a glass of wine - and really, what more could you ever need?

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It has been created to work alongside Samsung's Robotic assistant Bot Handy for a complete experience.

If you drink so much wine that you're getting exhausted of pouring it yourself, you may need more than a robot's help. It would be essential to note that the company has laid down its plans of introducing both, the pet care services and JetBot 90 AI+ vacuum cleaner in the United States and South Korea in the first of the year. Pricing is still TBD.

The vacuum uses a camera and sensors, including Lidar (as used by autonomous cars), along with artificial intelligence to recognize objects and its surroundings.

Meanwhile, Samsung's bringing AI into your laundry room, with two new, super sleek looking appliances.

The machines will also recommend settings and cycles based on past choices you've made on particular days of the week or at specific times, and the dryer automatically adjusts drying time based on how wet the clothes are, making sure they're actually dry when you open the door.

A SmartThings Cooking service that will expand the personalized meal planning function that now exists within Samsung's Family Hub to other consumers via the company's SmartThings App. As you might expect, the JetBot connects to Samsung's SmartThings phone app for remote control, scheduling, and the creation of "no-go zones" to keep it out of certain rooms. Recipe instructions can be sent directly to synced Samsung cooking devices to minimize hassles and mistakes.

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