Google Chrome 88 brings tabbed search and better password protection

Ruben Fields
January 22, 2021

Now, with the rollout of Chrome 88, the browser supports tabbed search and more secure password protections.

Google's new tool also provides users with a single convenient place, which they can use to update all their Chrome-managed passwords. In this context, Google will check your old passwords that you may not have changed for a long time and will suggest a strong password for you for a new one. The software giant provider claimed that the new password manager can fix users' very weak passwords. Often, a user takes easy to remember passwords that are also unfortunately easy to guess as well and Chrome can now point out which ones might turn into security liabilities.

The Password check Chrome will notify you immediately if you use an insecure password.

Change insecure passwords easily: Clicking the button will take you directly to the relevant page. There is also some news, including fixes to a password manager. Read our affiliate link policy for more details. So far, changing the password that Chrome saved might not have been too complicated, but it was a tedious process.

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To check your weak passwords using Chrome's password safety check, you have to go to Settings Passwords Check passwords Check Now to perform a safety check of your passwords. This new feature will allow users to check, identify, and fix weak passwords and enable them to control their saved passwords. So that anyone can simply makeover numerous usernames along with passwords in one suitable area, elaborate by the company via blogging. With all those passwords, it's easy to use the same one for everything but that's not safe and that's why Google is updating its features.

Chrome 88 is also introducing the new UI for granting site permissions.

Google designed a new tool, called Chrome 88, that could prevent hackers from accessing your accounts.

Desktop and iPhone owners are expected to be first in line to receive the new version, with Android getting the update "soon", Google adds.

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