United Kingdom resists EU's demand to grant full diplomatic status

Brenda Watkins
January 22, 2021

A U.S. visa requires talent to show they have received "international recognition" in order to be eligible.

Tobias Ellwood, a lawmaker with the governing Conservative Party who heads Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, said the government was being "petty".

"(Joe) Biden commits to strengthening alliances and we engage in silly spats which will not help strengthen security and trade cooperation.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office wants to treat the European Union delegation only as representatives of an global organisation.

Their letter urges the federal government to revisit this situation with the European Union and attain a brand new settlement, describing the reported determination to show down Brussels' supply on visa exemptions for performers as "deeply disappointing."The shadow ministers say: "The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated our inventive industries, nevertheless it additionally supplies time to appropriate this error and guarantee they don't seem to be additional penalised by uniform restrictions on transport when public well being restrictions might be eased".

But Whitehall sources insisted that global organisations were offered "very similar privileges and immunities" to diplomatic missions.

Britain completed its journey out of the European Union on December 31. All of them have been granted full diplomatic status by the host countries.

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He said granting reciprocal treatment based on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations is "standard practice" between equal partners and we are "confident that we can clear this issue with our friends in London in a satisfactory manner".

The EU says the rest of its 143 delegations around the world have all been given full diplomatic status.

The refusal to grant diplomatic status to the bloc's envoy would mean that de Almeida and his staff would not have the privileges and immunities afforded to diplomats under the Vienna Convention, or the opportunity to present his credentials to the Queen.

In his letter to Mr Raab last November, Mr Borrell says: "Your service have sent us a draft proposal for an establishment agreement about which we have serious concerns".

Britain's Foreign Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

"It would not grant the customary privileges and immunities for the delegation and its staff".

On Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's spokesman said the European Union's delegation to the United Kingdom would be granted the diplomatic privileges and immunity necessary to enable it to work, without saying whether that would be the same status conferred on national ambassadors. "I am not going to pre-empt the outcome of those negotiations", the Prime Minister's official spokesman said.

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