UK, EU at odds over bloc's post-Brexit diplomatic status

Brenda Watkins
January 23, 2021

The musicians said the government's "negotiating failure" will threaten the future of cultural exchange with the EU.

The way things are, the envoy would not get introduce his qualifications to the Queen like other discretionary heads of mission.

"(Joe) Biden commits to strengthening alliances and we have interaction in foolish spats which is not going to assist strengthen safety and commerce cooperation.

Meanwhile London argues that the European Union envoy should only be given the lesser privileges awarded to global organisations, such as the worldwide Monetary Fund.

Also at the station, a spokesperson for the UK Foreign Office said he was continuing negotiations with Brussels on "the long-term steps for the European Union delegation to the UK".

The European Commission, the 27-member bloc's executive body, said the EU's 143 delegations around the world had all been granted a status equivalent to that of diplomatic missions of states, and Britain was well aware of the fact.

Since Britain formally left the European Union previous year, Croisdale-Appleby's predecessor as ambassador to Brussels had enjoyed full diplomatic privileges there.

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In a letter to The Times newspaper published on Wednesday, the musicians said the government had "shamefully" broken a promise to negotiate a deal allowing musicians to perform in the European Union without the need for visas or work permits.

The UK could argue it is no longer bound to this agreement since it has left the EU.At the time of the reinstatement of full diplomatic status by the Trump administration, the U.S. ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, said in the statement that the EU was "a uniquely important organisation, and one of America's most valuable partners in ensuring global security and prosperity".He added: "Europe's security and success are inextricably linked to that of the United States, and this level of engagement and cooperation should be recognised appropriately in all settings."The two most senior EU officials will attend the meeting of the G7 in Cornwall in June as participating members alongside France, Germany and Italy.Lord Adonis, a strongly pro-European Labour peer, said: "Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab have decided not just to leave the EU but to insult it - denying full diplomatic status to the EU ambassador being the latest insult".

In his letter to Mr Raab last November, Mr Borrell says: "Your service have sent us a draft proposal for an establishment agreement about which we have serious concerns".

"The EU's status in external relations and its subsequent diplomatic status is amply recognised by countries and global organisations around the world, and we expect the United Kingdom to treat the EU Delegation accordingly and without delay".

The BBC reported that the EU's global affairs chief Josep Borrell has written to worldwide Secretary Dominic Raab straight to boost his considerations in regards to the state of affairs.

"Without exception, all host states have accepted to grant these delegations and their staff a status equivalent to that of diplomatic missions of states under the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, and the United Kingdom is well aware of this fact".

"The proposals do not constitute a reasonable basis for reaching an agreement". "I am not going to pre-empt the outcome of those negotiations", the Prime Minister's official spokesman said.

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