Trump Bears 'Unmistakable' Responsibility for Capitol Riot, House Impeachment Brief Argues

Clay Curtis
February 2, 2021

"Given all that, the crowd which assembled on January 6 unsurprisingly included many who were armed, angry, and dangerous-and poised on a hair trigger for President Trump to confirm that they indeed had to "fight" to save America from an imagined conspiracy", the Democrats wrote.

Last week 45 out of 50 Republican senators voted in favour of throwing out the impeachment trial from the Senate. Speaking on NBC's "Meet the Press", Mr Kinzinger said his party had "lost its moral authority in a lot of areas" and under Mr Trump had pedalled "darkness and division".

A number of attorneys who represented Trump at his 2020 impeachment trial for trying to pressure Ukraine to investigate Biden, then a rival for the presidency, have declined the job this time, including constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz. Among other things, his attorneys will argue that Trump can't be impeached because he's out of office.

The three dozen former officials signing the letter included former Governors Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey and William Weld of MA and Carter Phillips, a veteran Washington litigator and assistant solicitor general under former president Ronald Reagan.

A counter: "The Framers themselves would not have hesitated to convict on these facts", write the House Democrats. The Democrats argue that the remarks were like lighting a match after scattering the ground with tinder.

The violent events of January 6th left five people dead, and multiple people involved are now in custody.

As the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump approaches, we are beginning to get some idea of how the House managers intend to proceed. He also said he'll make the case that his words were protected by the First Amendment and did not incite a riot.

Trump was impeached by the House while still in office, they noted, forcing a Senate trial.

The trial will be presented before the United States Senate, with the 100 senators acting as the jury.

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Trump also faced a Tuesday deadline to respond to the article of impeachment passed by the Democratic-led House on January 13 charging him with inciting insurrection in his speech to supporters before the rampage at the Capitol that left five people dead including a police officer.

Trump had earlier called for the process to be stopped. Why they believe he should be convicted of "incitement of insurrection". But another adviser said Mr. Trump has been going back and forth on whether he wants his team to bring the claims up.

Some Senate Republicans recoiled at the idea that Mr. Trump's legal team might spend time on false allegations that the election was stolen.

"Well, it's really not material", said Sen. "The articles of impeachment are like an indictment in a criminal case, so that would be the issue before the Senate". Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) and others on his approach, an adviser said. Trump's new legal team of Bruce Castor and David Schoen were the only two lawyers signed onto the document that was submitted to the Senate Tuesday.

A group of Republican former US officials rebutted the argument that the trial was unconstitutional in an open letter released on Tuesday.

Trump labelled that episode a Democratic "witch hunt". "And I think all former presidents, those alive and those not, could be affected in a negative way", Mr Portman said. Mr. Bowers didn't respond to a request for comment.

The departing lawyers, which include lead attorneys Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier, left the defense team in what one person described as a "mutual decision" that reflected a difference of opinion on the direction of the case. He pointed to indictments against some of the rioters that indicated they had been planning the riot for months.

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