NASA Spacewalk happening now

Katie Ramirez
February 3, 2021

The same astronauts also ventured out on Wednesday. This establishment wraps up work to finish the substitution of maturing nickel-hydrogen batteries outside the station that started in January 2017. It started at 7:56 a.m. ET, with live inclusion spilling on NASA's site.

These are the first and second spacewalk missions of 2021, but the 233rd and 234th spacewalks in support of space station assembly, maintenance and upgrades in history.

The space agency will be streaming the entire spacewalk online.

Two additional spacewalks are planned for the near future.

NASA is now streaming a live feed of astronauts spacewalking outside the International Space Station.

Monday's mission is actually the second such spacewalk experience for Mr Glover.

Hopkins, Glover, NASA space traveler Shannon Walker and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency space explorer Soichi Noguchi traveled to the station in November on board the SpaceX Crew Dragon Resilience space apparatus in mid-November.

What's So Special With The Spacewalk?

The big, boxy batteries, surpassing 400 pounds (180 kilograms) each, provide electricity for the orbiting lab when it's on the night side of Earth.

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They are so strong that they require just half the amount of existing nickel-hydrogen batteries they have replaced. In all, 14 spacewalks were needed to complete the battery work.

Rubins has the task of operating a robotic arm from inside the space station to assist the astronauts as they work outside.

Besides battery work, Hopkins and Glover installed a new camera on the U.S. Destiny lab and replaced parts in the camera system outside the station's Japanese lab, named Kibo, or Hope in English.

During a spacewalk on Wednesday, the two space explorers made enhancements to the European lab, Columbus.

NASA will perform two further in around a month to prepare for more solar panels scheduled for launch later this year.

Changing batteries in space needs careful planning and training. He also has a blog about the International Space Station, called Orbital Velocity. The long-term aim is to substitute specific aging and unreliable battery packs with modern ones that carry more capacity and are more effective overall.

As soon as it is installed, the adapter plates complete the electric circuit between the BCDUs or the Battery Charge and Discharge Units and the lithium-ion batteries. Aside from providing the station with much-needed power, the batteries could also give us the insight needed to improve lithium-ion safety. Spacewalkers have now spent a total of 61 days, 7 hours, and 7 minutes working outside the station. Others were often short, eventually forcing subsequent spacewalks to make up for the missed time.

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