United States charges Seattle-based Proud Boys member for role in Capitol riots

Clay Curtis
February 4, 2021

"Those 4 groups include the Atomwaffen Division, The Base, the Proud Boys, and the Russian imperial movement", Bill Blair said Wednesday.

The Canadian government is classifying the Proud Boys as neo-fascist organization, saying it has semiautonomous chapters in the United States, Canada, and overseas, all of which engage in political violence, and whose members espouse "misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, and white supremacist ideologies".

Senior officials speaking on a technical briefing said authorities had been monitoring and collecting evidence about the Proud Boys before the Capitol Hill insurrection, but confirmed that the event provided information that helped with the decision to list the organization.

Asked whether the U.S. will follow Canada and designate Proud Boys as a terrorist entity, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the United States has a domestic extremism review underway.

Prosecutors said Nordean had been posting before the riot about plans to organize a group and posted a video with a caption reading, "Let them remember the day they chose to make war with us".

Authorities say he is a self-proclaimed "Sergeant of Arms" of the Seattle chapter of the Proud Boys.

"We work very closely with law enforcement agencies and our national security partners, ".

Former U.S. President Donald Trump, asked last September whether he would denounce white supremacists and militia groups, called on the Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by".

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Some Canadian rights' groups say listing the Proud Boys as a terrorist entity could broaden the definition of terrorism to the point of endangering protest and free speech rights.

With the additions to the list, there are now 73 terrorist entities listed under the Criminal Code, all of which face financial and legal ramifications due to their designation.

McInnes continues to fight the "hate group" and white-nationalist associations with the Proud Boys, with a lawsuit he filed against Southern Poverty Law Center still pending in Alabama - he claims in the suit that the law center defamed him by designating the Proud Boys a "hate group". Furthermore, persons seeking entry into Canada may be inadmissible if they are found to be associated with a listed entity.

A listed group is not banned, nor is it a crime to be on the roster. They have operated for a long time out in the open.

He's the latest member of the group to be charged in connection with the riots, which left five people dead and delayed Congress from certifying President Joe Biden's election victory.

Founded in 2016, the Proud Boys lists among its central tenets a belief in "closed borders" and the aim of "reinstating a spirit of Western chauvinism". "They are no cases of any Proud Boys in Canada doing anything other than go to protests".

They're a far-right, male chauvinist extremist group known for engaging in violent clashes at political rallies.

"In the aftermath of the United States presidential election, we have seen signals of escalation towards violence from a number of different groups including the Proud Boys". He estimated there are between 1,000 and 1,500 Proud Boys in Canada.

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