Health workers dissatisfied they are receiving ‘least efficacious vaccine’

Brenda Watkins
February 20, 2021

According to the researchers, including those from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, this dosage regimen is beneficial while vaccine supplies are initially limited, and may allow countries to immunise a larger proportion of the population more rapidly.

NIAC has said the AstraZeneca vaccine will only be administered to adults under the age of 70 in the State, despite the World Health Organization recommending it for all adults over 18, due to a lack of data regarding its efficacy among older people.

Right now the state is in Phase 1-B of the vaccination process that concentrates on people 65 years and older and people who are at higher risk of contracting the disease because of pre-existing health conditions.

Di Director General of di Nigerian agency, Dr Mojisola Adeyeye, wey make dis announcement say dem fit store di vaccine for 2 to 8 degree centigrade.

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "We've now got to the point with the study we're doing in Bristol where we can say with certainty that there is definitely an effect".

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The special assistant said that the vaccine that is being used to inoculate the frontline healthcare workers is Sinopharm, and "we recommended that it should not be used for people above 60 years".

Adeyeye also said the evaluation on Astrazeneca shows that the vaccine is effective against the United Kingdom variant of the virus which has been reported in Nigeria.

He said he thought the current lockdown should be lifted in stages, adding:"I am encouraged by the cautious approach being taken, an incremental approach which I think will be adopted, namely relax one thing and see what the impact is, relax again".

The UK met its 15m first dose target earlier this month. Where there is a limited supply, policies of initially vaccinating more people with a single dose may provide greater immediate population protection than vaccinating half the number of people with 2 doses.

The EU is far behind the UK and the United States in getting its population of 450 million vaccinated against coronavirus.

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