China Rigs Elections to Ensure only ‘Patriots’ Will Govern Hong Kong

Ruben Fields
February 26, 2021

"Patriots" included those who loved China, its constitution and the Communist Party and excluded anti-China "troublemakers", said Xia Baolong, director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, China's cabinet. Some secessionists and extreme anti-government forces spread secessionist ideas, opposing the authority of the central government, instigating dissatisfaction toward the mainland and recklessly interfering in the governance process of the HKSAR government, forcing society as a whole to pay a heavy price for it. "While the package adopted in July was well received at the time, the EU's position is coming under increasing scrutiny as the situation deteriorates".

The Bill potentially paves the way for the mass disqualification of pro-democracy politicians who took nearly 90 per cent of 452 district council seats in Hong Kong in the 2019 elections, defeating the pro-Beijing camp. The changes would pass during an annual session of China's legislature in March, the report said.

Beijing is considering eliminating the 117 Election Committee seats held by District Councilors, many of them members of the pro-democracy camp, local media has reported.

She said political unrest in the former British colony, including massive protests in 2019, had forced Beijing to ensure the city is governed by patriotic officials.

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What form electoral reform might take remains to be seen.

One direct reason for "anti China" movements in Hong Kong was that the principle of patriots ruling the city was not fully implemented, Xia said.

He called for stopping what he described as anti-China groups that bring turmoil to Hong Kong and proxies of worldwide anti-China forces from infiltrating government organizations.

"This need to change the electoral system and arrangements in Hong Kong is for one single goal, that is to make sure that whoever is governing Hong Kong is patriotic", she said. The Hong Kong government on Tuesday introduced a bill that would require more stringent loyalty oaths from district councilors and ban candidates who are "deemed insincere or insufficiently patriotic". By subscribing, you can help us get the story right.

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