Iran scorns idea of talks with West to revive 2015 N

Grant Boone
March 3, 2021

U.S. says it's disappointed by Tehran's rejection to join a meeting but remained ready to "re-engage in meaningful diplomacy" and would consult with the other major powers.

Iran's rejection of the Biden administration's first effort to jumpstart diplomacy and begin drawing both Iran and the United States back into compliance with the nuclear deal signals how long and complicated the diplomatic process aimed at salvaging the deal is expected to be.

Asked whether the administration trusts Iran to return to the deal if the USA moves first, Price said that when the agreement was in effect, it was not predicated on the idea of "trust but verify". "A lot depends on how the Iranian nuclear dossier is handled at the #IAEA BoG [Board of Governors] session which starts today", Ulyanov wrote on Twitter.

Iran on Sunday ruled out holding an informal meeting with the United States and European powers to discuss ways to revive its 2015 nuclear deal with major powers, insisting that Washington must lift all its unilateral sanctions. Iran had been insisting that the USA lift or ease sanctions imposed on it by the Trump administration under its "maximum pressure campaign" before sitting down with the United States. "With sanctions in place, same still applies".

"I think this is not the final say of #Iran".

The UN move had little practical effect as almost all members of the world body had rejected Trump's determination because the U.S. was no longer a participant in the nuclear deal. Censuring is NOT diplomacy.

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The leadership in Tehran recently restricted International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors' access to nuclear facilities in the country. Biden administration officials said the withdrawal of the determination was meant to show goodwill toward its partners and at the same time had eased severe restrictions on the movement of Iranian diplomats posted to the UN. "This needs neither negotiations nor resolutions", he added.

The United States has reportedly asked the IAEA's 35-member board of governors to produce a resolution that voices their "deepening concern with respect to Iran's cooperation with the IAEA".

Iran has not listed the measures it stopped implementing this week but they include the so-called Additional Protocol enabling the IAEA to carry out snap inspections at undeclared locations.

"Iran perceives this move as destructive and considers it as an end to the Joint Understanding of 21 February 2021 between the Agency and the Islamic Republic of Iran", Iran said in its own paper sent to other countries and obtained by Reuters, referring to its weekend deal with IAEA chief Rafael Grossi.

"While we are disappointed at Iran's response, we remain ready to reengage in meaningful diplomacy to achieve a mutual return to compliance with JCPOA [the Iran nuclear agreement] commitments", a senior administration official told dpa.

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