Identity released of London cop charged with murdering woman

Clay Curtis
March 13, 2021

"But half the women I knew were sharing her image on social media feeds, willing her to make it home".

She confirmed that a very senior police officer, Wayne Couzens, 48, a member of the elite parliamentary and diplomatic protection squad - he is licenced to carry a gun and was on duty until 8pm guarding the USA embassy in Battersea three miles away from Clapham on the night Sarah disappeared - had been arrested on suspicion of her kidnap and murder.

Drakeford's comments on Friday came after a Green Party peer suggested a 6pm curfew for men in the wake of Ms Everard's disappearance.

Birley believes Everard's case has brought so much attention to the issue partly because of its coverage, but also because Everard "did what we're told are all the right things".

Organisers lost a High Court challenge to overturn the ban. "If we are told we can not go ahead with the socially distanced vigil this weekend, we will likely appeal and look to reschedule".

Organisers Reclaim These Streets say that by forcing them to cancel the vigil, the Met Police would be "silencing thousands of women".

She added: "We are not the problem". Some have used the hashtag #NotAllMen to point out the relatively small proportion of violent attackers, prompting women to reply that it's still too many.

"The attitudes that were so prevalent at the time. were totally blaming the woman, as if the man's behaviour was not even talked about".

In an unusual step, which the Met said it was taking "in the interests of clarity about these exceptional events", officials disclosed details about Couzens' employment. She explains that the Northern Ireland group has made a decision to hold an online event due to "heavy-handed policing of the Black Lives Matter protests here in June 2020".

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"But, in the context of the coronavirus crisis that the country is now in, it would not be appropriate for the police to allow such a large-scale gathering to take place".

Organisers of the main London vigil to commemorate Ms Everard and to protest over women's safety were in talks with Scotland Yard last night in an attempt to seek a way in which they could go ahead with a Covid-secure event. "The resounding feeling is that Sarah could be any one of us, and she is one of us". "We are exhausted of being blamed for the actions of men".

It's for all women who feel unsafe, all women who feel angry.

In a statement issued Thursday, Everard's family said "our attractive daughter Sarah was taken from us and we are appealing for any information that will help to solve this bad crime".

"But we need to be clear". It shouldn't matter what they wear, who they are with or where you live.

The revelations are the latest twist in the case, which continues to make global headlines and is the subject of an outpouring of grief from women all over the world.

"Every woman & girl should be free to walk our streets without the slightest fear of harassment, abuse or violence", Patel, whose role is that of interior minister, said on Twitter.

"Killed women are not vanishingly rare", Phillips said.

The hashtags #saraheverard and #TooManyMen trended online as women relayed their experiences, prompting men to ask what they should do differently, such as not walking closely behind a woman on her own.

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