Minneapolis Reaches $27 Million Settlement With Family Of George Floyd

Katie Ramirez
March 13, 2021

Cahill, a Hennepin County District Court judge, has sharply limited the number of people allowed in the courtroom for the trial, but because of the wide interest in the case, he has given Court TV the right to televise it, the first time a criminal trial in Minnesota will be broadcast in its entirety. Three of those seated are white, one is multiracial, one is Hispanic, and one is Black, according to Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill. Cahill had earlier rejected it as not warranted by the circumstances of Floyd's death, but an appellate court ruling in an unrelated case established new grounds. He has pleaded not guilty, with his trial set to go ahead on March 29.

Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, 44, is now on trial facing murder and manslaughter charges for his role in Floyd's death, which was captured on video by bystanders and sparked protests against racial injustice around the globe.

Chauvin, who is white, is accused of killing George Floyd, an African American man, in an encounter that triggered months of protests throughout the world against police abuse of minorities.

The sole juror picked Thursday described himself as an outgoing, family-oriented soccer fan for whom the prospect of the trial is "kind of exciting". He acknowledged under questioning from defense attorney Eric Nelson that he had a "very negative" impression of Chauvin.

It wasn't immediately clear how the settlement might affect the trial or the jury now being seated to hear it. Joseph Daly, a professor emeritus at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, said it will be hard to stop jurors or potential jurors from hearing about it.

Nelson pressed the woman hard on her ability to be fair despite her strong opinions. "Positively because a movement has come from it and the whole world knows". She said she has had contact with the Minnesota attorney general in the past because of her advocacy work but that this would have no impact on her decision-making in the trial.

3rd Degree Murder Charge Added in George Floyd Trial

"I could only watch part of the video, and from what I saw as a human, I, that did not give me a good impression", she said.

Seven jurors have been selected so far for the case and seven more need to be chosen in upcoming days. Potential jurors' identities are being protected and they are not shown on livestreamed video of the proceedings.

Judge Cahill started the jury selection even though it had remained unclear until Thursday whether Chauvin would also face a third-degree murder charge.

The other three former officers - J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane, and Tou Thao - are scheduled to go on trial on August 23.

Some legal experts say the new charge aids prosecutors by providing jurors with an additional option to convict Chauvin.

Minneapolis to pay $27 million to settle George Floyd family lawsuit
Court broke for lunch during questioning of a single mother who works in the nonprofit sector focused on healthcare. In total, four men and one woman have been chosen to serve as jurors during the trial in Minneapolis.

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