CA Gov. Newsom Says Vaccine Available to All Adults in April

Ruben Fields
March 27, 2021

Anand says six million more doses of COVID vaccines are scheduled to flow into Canada over the next three weeks, matching the six million doses that have arrived in the country since the approval of the first vaccine in December.

"Increasing case counts, shifting severity trends and a rising proportion of cases involving variants of concern is a reminder that we are in a very tight race between vaccines versus variants", Canada's chief medical officer, Theresa Tam, told reporters. "As long as we have a supply of vaccine, then we have the ability to get them out in Bowie County", he said, complimenting efforts at CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System, a state-designated rural vaccination hub, as well as at the county Health Department.

California now receives about 1.8 million doses per week.

Despite these warnings, at least one premier has already come out questioning PHAC's data.

Tam says there's "merit" in provinces taking regional approaches with their restrictions, but notes that "up-and-down measures" may not be the best way to combat spread. Ontario Premier Doug Ford is apparently on board with Kenney when it comes to lifting lockdowns and easing restrictions in some areas of the province, though there was considerable variant spread being detected.

But she continued to ask residents to be vigilant, as two unrelated cases of the B117 variant, known generally as the United Kingdom variant, were recently identified in local patients. "Think not just about yourself but think about your community as you make your decision around getting vaccinated". The case count could rise to as high 12,000 a day if Canadians maintain or increase the number of people they are in contact with each day, the PHAC modelling shows.

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Ontario reported another 2,380 cases and 17 deaths, but officials noted that number was inflated because of a data catchup. Data as of March 24, 2021.

He also announced five new cases of COVID-19, including a school-based case first reported Thursday, in Central Zone Friday. "Every 100 cases in Canada, passes the virus to more than 100 others".

The highest incidences of COVID-19 are now being experienced in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and parts of Ontario, while overall the incidence rates are highest among young adults aged 20 to 39 and have declined among older Canadians.

"The not-so-good news is that circulating of COVID-19 among younger, more mobile and socially connected adults, present an ongoing risk for spread into high-risk populations and settings, and continuing transmission in the community", said Tam.

Summer "holds promise" and Canada is "closer now than ever" to a new-normal, according to Friday's presentation, but Canadians should expect to maintain, for some time to come, the personal health precautions adopted in the a year ago.

As of Friday afternoon, Canada reported a cumulative total of 955,030 cases and 22,830 deaths, according to CTV.

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