In latest allegation, Cuomo accused of 'aggressive' unwanted kiss on cheek

Clay Curtis
March 30, 2021

"But instead he went to squeeze between the dog and mine and kiss me on the other cheek in what I felt was a highly sexual manner".

'He put his other arm around my back, his hand on my waist, and held me firmly in place while indicating to a photographer he wanted us to pose for a picture'. I wasn't expecting that at all.

"I felt shocked and didn't understand what had just happened", Vill told the media.

Vill alleged Cuomo grabbed her face and forcibly kissed her in front of her home.

Zakiyah Ansari, advocacy director at New York State Alliance for Quality Education, one of the many activists at the rally, said "Cuomo has been a bully for decades".

An upstate New York woman said Monday that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo grabbed her face and kissed her cheek at her home during a visit to inspect local flood damage, becoming the latest woman to accuse the embattled governor of inappropriate behaviour. When asked whether the unwanted kissing incident constituted an assault, she said: "technically, yes".

7 Eyewitness News reached out for a response from the governor's office.

I have been in business for many years and routinely interact with male customers and vendors.

The married mother of three said she knows the "difference between an innocent gesture and a sexual one". I never felt as uncomfortable as I did the day that Governor Cuomo came to my home. "His actions were very overly sexual, highly inappropriate and disrespectful to me and my family".

Vill also later received a signed letter from the governor, sent along with two photographs of him shaking her hand inside the home. As I said, she's been very fearless. "He then approached me".

"Notably, [the staffer] did not say 'my husband and I, ' or 'my family and I, '" said Vill.

Gloria Allred Says Gov. Cuomo Committed ‘Potentially Criminal’ Act Against Ninth Woman, Calls Critics of Accusers’ Allegations ‘Insulting’

ANA LISS, 35, a former aide, said Cuomo asked her whether she had a boyfriend, once kissed her hand at her desk and called her by patronizing names, including "blondie", "sweetheart" and "honey".

"I'm still afraid of him, however, I'm no longer willing to remain silent and that is why I am coming forward today", Vill remarked.

Vill noted that Cuomo is approximately 6 feet tall, while she stands only about 5 feet. She said her family members kiss when encountering each other. When the governor laughed. I felt very uneasy about the call.

Sherry Vill says this kiss on the cheek from Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2017 made her feel uncomfortable.

Vill said she found Cuomo's behavior flirtatious and inappropriate, his body language made her uncomfortable and the episode embarrassed her in front of her family and neighbors. A photo of the act was also shown during the Zoom conference. That image was apparently uploaded to Facebook by Vill's daughter after the event and is captioned: "The governor kissing my mom". She said she turned away. He says he has no plans to step down form his position as Governor of NY.

The governor has resolutely resisted such calls.

He's now under two investigations for his alleged misconduct with women - one led by the state assembly and the other by the Attorney General's office.

Meanwhile, the governor's allies have complained about an alleged witch hunt and invoked the right to due process-a legal standard which only applies during trials.

Since then, the governor has refused to take questions about the allegations against him, citing the multiple ongoing probes. "I'm not going to resign". I think it's ridiculous to say it's ginned up.

"He leaned down over me and kissed my cheek", Vill recalled, according to the New York Post. She says she didn't come forward sooner because she was afraid of retaliation.

Paul Fishman, a lawyer for the Cuomo administration, said: "No one should be surprised that the AG's office is issuing requests for documents and interviewing witnesses, including many who work for the governor". "It is my usual way of greeting".

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