Army Lt. Sues VA Police After Being Pepper Sprayed, Held At Gunpoint

Tanya Simon
April 12, 2021

Nazario drove his SUV to a well-lit gas station where, according to the lawsuit, the two officers got out and immediately drew their guns and pointed them at Nazario after they got out of their cars.

Nazario insisted he followed police commands to keep his hands outside the window, but officers allegedly became agitated when he asked what justified the escalated pullover.

"Yeah, you should be", one of the cops tells him.

"These cameras captured footage of behavior consistent with a disgusting nationwide trend of law enforcement officers, who, believing they can operate with complete impunity, engage in unprofessional, discourteous, racially biased, risky and sometimes deadly abuses of authority." the lawsuit says.

According to Officers Crocker and Gutierrez, Nazario was "eluding" police.

Army Lt. Nazario was driving his new auto home. The complaint alleges that by the time the officers approached Nazario's vehicle, they knew of the temporary plates - yet continued the high-risk felony stop anyway. Gutierrez responded with "knee-strikes" to his legs, knocking him to the ground, the lawsuit says.

"What's going on is you're fixin' to ride the lightning, son", which is slang for the electric chair, and execution.

In the police report, Gutierrez indicates that he threatened to use his Taser on Nazario.

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A Black Army officer held at gunpoint during traffic stop was afraid to get out of his auto.

In body camera and cell phone video, Army Second Lieutenant Caron Nazario, still in his uniform, can be seen with his hands visible out of the window of his new auto.

Prominent Twitter users reacted with varying levels of horror and disgust to video of Virginia police officers escalating a traffic stop of Lt. Caron Nazario, a Black Army officer who is suing the cops. In response, Gutierrez said: "Yeah, you should be".

During the arrest, the suit says Nazario had his hands up, offered no resistance, but was pepper sprayed and violently knocked to the ground and detained.

Nazario got out of the vehicle and again asked for a supervisor. He is then handcuffed while police search his auto.

The officers later warned Nazario not to complain about their treatment of him, threatening to criminally charge him, the lawsuit said.

The Windsor Police Department did not respond to a CBS News request for comment. Windsor is a town of about 2,600 residents, located about 30 miles west of Norfolk.

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