Congresswoman Claudia Tenney addresses President Biden’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan

Ruben Fields
April 16, 2021

According to Sediq, "The U.S. troops were not trained to understand and respect Afghan people's culture and religion". "We defeated the Persian Empire in the eighteenth century, the British in the nineteenth, the Soviets in the twentieth".

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said that the U.S. "will begin an orderly drawdown of the remaining forces before May 1 and plan to have all USA troops out of the country before the 20th anniversary of 9/11". USA officials in the Afghan city of Jalalabad told NPR two years ago that the Taliban continue to work with al-Qaida in eastern Afghanistan, while both us and Afghan airstrikes have targeted al-Qaida militants in southeastern Helmand Province.

Ghani and Biden spoke Wednesday just before Biden's speech, where he told the USA public, "It is time to end America's longest war".

"I am now the fourth United States President to preside over an American troop presence in Afghanistan". He spoke from the same spot where former President George W. Bush announced the beginning of the war 20 years ago with a bombing campaign.

There is no question that Al Qaeda has been degraded following almost two decades of Western counterterrorism operations. "It's time to end the forever war".

The Biden Administration appears to believe it can deal with Afghanistan from outside the country. "First, what will the security architecture look like to ensure that terrorists don't reconstitute and prepare attacks against us or our allies?"

Carter Malkasian, who spent years in Afghanistan working with Marines as a civilian adviser, said there should be more emphasis on working with neighboring countries - Pakistan, Iran, Russia and China - to prevent a rise in terrorist activity in Afghanistan.

Michael Kugelman is the deputy director of the Asia Program at the US -based Wilson Center. "We were able to protect minority rights, women's rights, as well as other good", he said. In his speech laying out the reasoning behind his decision, Biden suggested that the US had accomplished its goals in Afghanistan by killing Al Qaeda's longtime leader, Osama bin Laden, a decade ago and dismantling the terrorist organization he headed.

She said USA withdrawal without conditions could be "very dangerous" for human rights in Afghanistan.

An expansion of such terrorist activity worries retired Gen. David Petraeus, who commanded US forces in Afghanistan and later ran the Central Intelligence Agency.

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"In our view, it is important that the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan coincides with the progress in the peace process", said a foreign office in a formal reaction to the Biden's decision to complete the troop withdrawal by September 11. This will lead to renewed repression of the Afghan population, with the Taliban reverting to draconian Islamic rule in the areas it controls. In that agreement, the USA promised to withdraw by May 1.

Blinken said the USA will "intensify" its diplomacy on Afghanistan and do "everything it can" to secure a peace agreement between Kabul and the insurgents.

By reneging on the May 1 deadline, President Biden has squandered much of the hard-won goodwill and trust that was painstakingly built up through these diplomatic efforts.

This comes a day after the armed group refused to participate in a 10-day meeting, scheduled from April 24 to May 1, to chalk out a possible political solution in Turkey. Biden repeatedly attacked Trump on the campaign trail for not standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin despite his administration being aware of intelligence suggesting Russian agents were offering bounties to the Taliban.

It is also unclear whether the United States will continue the war by providing airpower for the Afghan military and carrying out covert operations. Ending U.S. airstrikes and covert operations is as vital to peace as withdrawing U.S. troops.

"The withdrawal of these forces is a desire of the Afghan people, but at the moment, the conditions have not been made for this to happen". But those gains have been mainly in the capital city of Kabul. Some experts say the move could take away power from both Taliban rebels and the Afghan government. The Taliban continues its violence. And as long as the USA continues to prop up a weak, corrupt government in Kabul, instability and political fragmentation is inevitable.

The Taliban rejected the idea, as did many Afghan politicians.

India is among the over 20 nations that have been invited for the talks. If the United Nations fails to negotiate a lasting ceasefire before the occupation forces withdraw, the USA and its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies will be leaving a country still at war with the Taliban, the Afghan government, and various warlords vying for power.

So how much money will the U.S. continue to spend on Afghanistan?

"Many locals do not support the government, but also don't support the Taliban".

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