Perth's lockdown ends at midnight tonight

Clay Curtis
April 27, 2021

Two more locally acquired cases of COVID-19 have since been detected in people who dined at one of the same venues as the man, sparking fears that an extension of the lockdown may be unavoidable.

Genomic testing has confirmed the virus spread from the couple to several other guests in nearby rooms, including a Melbourne man who did not test positive until after he had completed quarantine and spent five days in the community.

"In many cases, these facilities are not close to health and intensive care services".

Australia has limited flights from India by 30 per cent, but is considering stopping all travel as the country's battle with the pandemic heightens.

"Not only are the facilities at capacity, but it would inappropriate and logistically hard for Australians to have to live alongside such individuals", the spokesman said.

Defence Minister Peter Dutton later echoed those comments in an ABC interview, saying "there are eight or nine hotels that are working perfectly fine in WA at the moment".

He also said the Premier had "made a mistake with the Mercure Hotel" and "doesn't want to be the next Dan Andrews".

"It's very important that we are sensitive to the suffering that they face, and their friends and their family and their loved ones overseas face".

"I know what they're like".

"When everyone pushes back against Christmas Island, just remember. the Commonwealth used it in March and April past year for people coming back from Japan and China. I mean, it's just an terrible situation...", she said.

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In the hours since Makiyah's death, protestors have taken to the streets to demand justice for the teen. The girl has since been identified by a family member as Ma'Khia Bryant, reported local outlet 10TV.

"India, there needs to be a suspension", Premier Mark McGowan told reporters in Perth, ahead of the federal government's decision.

There has also been a sharp increase in the number of infected arrivals into Australia, notably from India.

Mr McGowan said he refused to return to current levels. We do have obligations though to make sure that we can support Australians to come back home, " she said.

He pinpointed that the large numbers of people arriving in Australia with the virus showed the system was failing, and he questioned if all of the test results being produced by people before boarding flights were accurate.

"I'm just not copping that".

He went on to infect two other people.

"It's not OK", he said.

"Given the increasing risks posed in so many countries and the delayed rollout of the vaccine here in Australia, it is neither safe or logical to allow thousands of people to leave every month for a wide range of reasons including attending weddings", he said in a statement. Even to go overseas for a funeral. "What they are exactly at this point in time we don't have, but we'll work them out over the coming 24 hours".

Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan announced that the state would enter into a three-day lockdown from midnight on Friday after two people tested positive to COVID-19 following their stay in hotel quarantine.

The Mercure Hotel will no longer be used as a quarantine facility for returned travellers because of its poor ventilation but will instead accommodate low-risk seasonal workers from Tonga and Vanuatu.

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