COVID-19 death tolls are likely a "significant undercount"

Tanya Simon
May 24, 2021

To address this, a team of worldwide researchers, led by Dr. Nazrul Islam from the Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford, set out to estimate the direct and indirect effects of the covid-19 pandemic on mortality in 2020 in 29 high-income countries.

Besides, 5,98,35,256 and 95,80,860 beneficiaries aged 45 to 60 years have been administered the first and second doses, respectively, while 5,62,45,627 and 1,81,31,102 beneficiaries aged above 60 years have taken the first and second doses, respectively, the ministry added. Youth are also encouraged to register online as all other age groups have.

But they warn that its full impact may not be apparent for many years, particularly in lower income countries where factors such as poverty, lack of vaccines, weak health systems, and high population density place people at increased risk from covid-19 and related harm. Earlier on Tuesday, the country saw the highest ever recoveries with 4,22,436 fresh discharges in a single day for the first time.

Further, India has recorded less than 3 lakh new cases for five consecutive days now. The national recovery rate has grown further to touch 87.25 per cent.

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On April 22, the country achieved a grim milestone in its fight against the raging coronavirus as it reported over 3 lakh new cases in a 24-hour period for the first time since the pandemic began a year ago.

Muscat: India has registered more than 200,000 new COVID-19 cases and over 3,000 deaths within the last 24 hours. The next in line are Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Assam.

There are now 4,815 active cases of people infected with the novel coronavirus in B.C., they said in a statement. A net decline of 1,01,953 is witnessed in the last 24 hours. Eight states cumulatively account for 69.47 per cent of India's total active cases.

Overall an estimated 979,000 total excess deaths occurred in 2020 in the 29 countries analyzed.

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